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Payday! Our Savings so far this month

April 19th, 2007 at 03:45 pm

Yay today was my bf's payday!... He had an extra $50 on it ... therefore that is going in my savings account that i just opened yesterday with the 4%interest rate. along with it is the money we have saved so far:

Gas heat: $28
Bell: $4.45
Gas for the truck: $35
Rogers: $1.19
Water & sewage: $22.23
Hydro: $33.84 ( for 2 months)
Baby Expenses : $40

Plus bf's extra pay from last weekend: $30

TOTAL SO FAR: $194.71 Lets round that to $200 even.( i like round numbers)

I hope that we will have more to put into savings by the end of the monthSmile

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