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August 27th, 2007 at 02:59 pm

I started working another job on the weekend at a restaurant .. i worked 5.5 hours on sat. and almost 13 hours on sun.
in tips i made $95.00

I figure the way i am going to split the money is this way:
wages go towards paying debt until it is paid off
tips go to savings
and governement cheques go into my account so that i can use that money to spend. ($200) a month that i get for baby bonus and supplement.

So with the money i had :
cheque from job 1 : 219.97
~ 70.53 computer
~ 20.00 mom .
tips: 95.00
~$40 ef
~$55 mortgage prepayment

and i am waiting till i get my wages from the restaurant to use the rest on my credit card because i want to put my restaurant wages on my card too!