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the past few days...

April 24th, 2007 at 06:32 am

I havent written for the past few days so here is an update of whats been going on.
Our savings account is now at $1400! Yay . Thanks to the $200 I put in there from savings so far this month, I also added a cheque we had received and the rolls of change we had. I went out and spent $65 on a mop/vac for the kitchen floor ( one of the Bissell ones) turns out I have to take it back because it leaks the cleaning solution when it is not in use I saw a video for it that said you can just leave the solution in it when u put it away making it easier for when you go to use it next time. I felt guilty spending the money but we had no mop so I decided that this one would be great because I usually have to sweep twice just to get all the dog hair and it would be easier to vacuum it up. All well we will just exchange it. We paid $110 + interest off on the computer, so now it sits at an even $600.. and I plan to pay $100 + interest every month, so I can get it paid off before Christmas! Oh ya I forgot the best part, I went grocery shopping with a budget of $150 and only spent $70!.. but then I saved $13.00 on meat. My bf also worked a side job on Sat roofing so Im not sure what I will do with that money yet

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  1. Bea Says:

    wonderful!! a dollar at a time is what it takes. respect your money!!! Smile
    B~working to help women reclaim their dignity www.pinktruth.com

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